I know this time I already made you really upset with me. I am sooo sorry. Truthly, i really have no intention to do to you like this. Apologized a million times will not change everything, I know. Everything you say is right. I know, it'll take times to understand each other. But i've tried so many times, as best as i can do. Im sorry, i can't help it anymore. Im sorry I did not tell the cause why i want to break. I think it'll be more good if you did not know the reason. During my precious moment with you, truthly I am so happy. I still remember when you so eager want to celebrate my birthday. Eventhough you have volleyball training that evening. Only God know how I felt that day. I will keep all the memories that we have :') I know, there will be some people who underestimate and say I was stupid for leaving you. Yes, I was stupid for leaving someone that kind like you. I hope that time i would appreciate you more. Im sorry coz hurting you this way. Lastly, I just want you to know, you are the best man, funny guy, really understanding, so calm in dealing with problems i've ever known. No matter what, you will always in my heart, Zul Hazmi.

*broken english, sorry