Nur Jihan Binti Saaduddin ♥

*Gambar selingan. Hihi ;]

Oh, lupa. Assalamualaikum and very good eveningss all (:

Today, my blog entries is special. Hihi. Especially for you Jihan sayang. Firstly, sorry tak wish dekat sekolah tadi. Dalam kepala otak ni ada plan. Tu pasal la sy ajak skype tadi tahu? Tapi skype awak problem pulak :/ Takde rezeki. Its okay then. Well, this is it! I've made it special for you sweeeeetiee. I know its ugly, tulisan sy memey cenggini lerh. Bak kata Azam, gambar tu boleh letak dekat tumblr. eeeeerrrrr. Hahah. Hmm nak nyanyi sikit boleh tak? Boleh la. Okay! *Nak ambil berkat, nyanyi versi cenggini. Hihi. 

Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan kamu, 
Allah selamatkan Nur Jihan,
Allah selamatkan kamu.

* Sorry letak gambar ni ;3 *

Dear Jihan, firstly I dont really know you. In the class, we rarely talk to each other. We keep smiling and smiling like kerang busuk. Hihi. Then, I got to know you. Thank God, you're a friendly person. Jihan, you are a kind person I've ever met. When I needed help, you always there for me. When I always in problem, you'll be a good listener. One thing I like about you sayang, your smile. You got a pretty sweet smile you know? Eventhough we just met this year, it feels like I already know you for so many years. Jihan, i hope you'll never change the inner you, you are really perfect just the way you are dear.

"And while we're making wishes, 
I'd like to give you mine,
It's for music and love,
And happiness and everything divine."

"Remember down days in the years ahead,
To use your dream to reach that wishing star,
Those of us around you surround you with love,
We love you for all you are."

Lots of Love : Your truthly friend and 4 Zamrud